Friday, 9 March 2018

Less is more...

Stuff. We all have it. The shot glass collection from bars around the world, the original VHS tape collection of every Disney movie ever made (and you don't even have a working VHS player), stuffed animal mascots from every Olympics, ball caps with sports logos on them, you name it we collect it. We save it. We LOVE it and we are sure that everyone loves to see our personal passion proudly on display.

The problem with this is that potential buyers are overwhelmed by the magnificence of your collection. Rather than exploring the spacious rooms your home has to offer, they are busy checking to see if you have a "Wayne Gretzky 1979 O-Pee-Chee" hockey card in your collection. That or wondering how they are going to spackle and paint over the 365 pushpin holes in the family room wall from your collection of NASCAR keychains. It is amazing how quickly a showing can be derailed when a potential buyer becomes transfixed by your collection of original Coca Cola memorabilia. It becomes all they see and the house is lost. They won't remember that your home has granite counters, pristine hardwood and backs onto a nature reserve.

The same thing goes with family photos. Today we celebrate the graduation of our children (complete with cap and gown) from preschool, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, senior high, and finally University, all with full colour photos charting their progress. We love our kids and we are proud of them but please, limit the photos. 

You need to declutter. Yes, I know you know you have to declutter but I am serious here, you have to take stuff down and put it away. Buy some storage bins and start packing. Choose one nicely framed family photo and pack the rest away. 

Showcase your home, not your stuff. Trust me, your potential buyer has his or her own collection and hey Pepsi drinkers may have an issue with a Coke branded house!

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