Thursday, 8 March 2018

It's not easy being green...

So the kids rushed in from school a few months ago and lectured you on the evils of your wasteful ways. Your little environmental rangers insisted on a vigorous recycling campaign that had you faithfully rinsing out bottles and cans, sorting and bundling newspapers and flyers, collapsing cardboard boxes from your latest Amazon (R) purchase, and (bless the little angels!) collecting compostables in a bin under your sink. (Ahem! see my last post)

That was 6 months ago. The rinsing and sorting have gone by the wayside and it's been too cold to run the blue bags out to the curb on collection day. Now you look out into your once spacious garage and find pizza boxes from each of the 11 pizza joints in Cold Lake, blue bags everywhere, and the mounting evidence that your Book Club may have a drinking problem (no judgement here, the Girl Guides in my neighbourhood are making out like bandits during bottle drives). It's time to set things right again and give your garage back to your car (and hockey bags).

When your home is being shown you want people to experience a calm and restful atmosphere, you truly are selling a lifestyle more than selling a house and if your garage is up to its armpits in hastily piled recycling and garbage it speaks volumes to potential buyers. It says: "I don't have enough time to do this task!" and makes them wonder what other maintenance on your home that hasn't been done.

So pick a Saturday and put those darling little future environmentalists to work, after all this was their idea. Start the sorting and give them each a task, load up the back of the SUV and start hauling! With the money you get back on the Book Club bottles you can treat them to pizza and begin the (re)cycle all over again.

Click the link below to go the City of Cold Lake Website for more information on the recycling program.

Cold Lake Recycling Policy

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