Tuesday, 6 March 2018

It just doesn't make scents...(part one)

One of the tools the Royal Lepage Northern Lights Realty office uses to generate interest in their listings is to conduct twice monthly REALTOR (R) tours, whereby we all load into our cars and convoy from new listing to new listing so that we can gather feedback on staging, pricing et cetera. The number one turn off that crops up is smell! In today's society we see signs in hospitals and office buildings asking people to keep the perfumes to a minimum - the same goes for your house! Whether it's scented wax being melted or plug in scent warmers GET RID OF THEM!!!

"But Sherry?" you ask "I thought my house was supposed to smell like apple pie or fresh baked cookies?" Absolutely! So bake a pie. Make some cookies, your family will be thrilled as will the agent who nibbles on them while showing your home. However strong smelling deodorizers can aggravate allergies, people with asthma and frankly, after along day of showing homes with different smells, give the agent and potential buyers a headache.

The long and short of it is that your home should smell clean and fresh, so give it a thorough cleaning (easy on the Pine Sol), open a window (even a little bit in the winter) but lose the heavy scented air fresheners!

Little known real estate fact #1: we name houses by association. So your home could be remembered as the "Holy crap perfume!" house or it could be remembered as the "Yummy cookie house!" Your choice.

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