Friday, 16 March 2018

Come on DOWN...

I have probably saved the most touchy selling subject to the last. Pricing.

Your home is your castle. It has sheltered you from the weather. You have celebrated milestones in it. You have mourned in it. It is an integral part of your memories and in a way it is a physical manifestation of your family in bricks and mortar (or in Cold Lake's case, vinyl and asphalt shingles). In your mind you have put it on a pedestal and it out shines all of the other homes in the neighbourhood.

In steps reality in the form of your REALTOR. Don't hate us, trust me, we have enough anxiety as it is. We have to look at your home in an unbiased, objective manner and compare it to what has recently sold, what is currently on the market and then judge where it best fits in that market.  We do cost analysis on how much it would cost to duplicate your home if it is a recent (within 10 years) build. We do a comparative market analysis if its older and judge it against the recent SOLDS, adding and subtracting for renovations and upgrades. We look at the market history and add and subtract the percentage changes to your values. Again, trust me, we aren't guessing your price and we aren't trying to hurt your feelings.

Don't over stretch! The buyers are not emotionally invested in your house and they are not willing to over pay. They don't care that you have measured the growth of your children on the kitchen door frame and in a buyer's market they have choices. When there are 35 homes within $25,000 of each other a buyer can afford to be choosy and if you are listed even $10,000 higher than a similar home then you are already out of the running.

Your best chance to sell is in the first 30 days and if you over price it at the beginning you may end up selling for much less than had you listened to your REALTOR from the get go. So please, listen to your REALTOR, that's why you are paying them. List your home at the price they recommend because there is nothing more frustrating than hearing the question "Why hasn't my house sold?" and having to say "Because the price isn't right."

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