Thursday, 15 March 2018

All the world's a stage...

You've done it! You have cleaned, buffed and decluttered. You have painted, stained and cleared away recycle. Now it's time to stage.

STAGE?!? What do you mean STAGE?!? Well...sometimes, over the course of the years, the rooms in our homes gradually morph out of their original intended use into rooms that better suit our needs. An extra bedroom becomes an office, a small living room becomes a dining room, the family room becomes a teen's bedroom and there is nothing wrong with that. Until it is time to sell your home. Because, and here it comes: Little known real estate fact #3: People don't buy houses. They buy the lifestyle they portray! 

Let's face it, we all watch HGTV and yearn for bright, airy spaces, spa-like bathrooms in cool tones with white washed sea shells to hold the guest soaps. We long for bedrooms that go on for miles with matching linens and dozens of coordinating throw pillows on the acre of king sized bed. The walk in closet with clothes hanging neatly in colour gradient patterns. We dream of a family room with neatly stacked board games and a trolley style popcorn popper. You know: a home that screams "YES! I HAVE A FULL TIME CAREER AND THE PERFECT FAMILY HOME WITH NOTHING OUT OF PLACE! I AM AMAZING!" But if your teen aged son is camped out in the middle of the family room or there is laundry draped over the treadmill to dry in the exercise room your home is screaming "WE DON'T HAVE ANY ROOM LEFT IN THIS HOUSE AND IT WILL BE TOO SMALL FOR YOU MR BUYER!"

So before we list your home, take a week, take a look, and start moving your rooms back into their original configurations. If you haven't used it to make a meal in the last month, get it off of your counter. Take everything that is stuck to the fridge with a magnet down. Set the dining room table with your best dishes, take it back from homework time. Take everything off of the coffee table and leave only one decorative thing.  Get rid of the dog beds, they take up floor space and can make a room feel cramped. Too many house plants? If the movers won't take them, now is a good time to find new homes for them.  Go into the kids' rooms and take a critical look at them. Are their toys all over the place? If the kids haven't played with it in the past 3 months, pack them away. Get your children involved in the process, make a game out of it. Don't have time to do dishes in the morning? Have Janey load them in the dishwasher while Johnny helps you make beds each morning, and open all of the blinds and drapes, let the sunlight in so that your home is welcoming and bright.

You don't know when I am going to call with a showing request and your home should always look its best when you leave for the day. And here is my next: Little known real estate fact #4: Pretty homes sell faster and for more money! So take a look at some your competition online and see if you can "out-Martha" them.

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